CONTEST: December Giveaway; Win a Garmin 410 GPS/Heart Rate Monitor

garmin410Win a brand new Garmin 410 GPS HeartRate Monitor. Delivered to your door for free.
What do you have to do to win ?????
 Just help us get our new blog site kicking along and to do this we need your social networking skills. Just write a quick comment about either your current activities, experience with your HRM or any dealings you may have had with Highly Tuned Athletes. It doesnt have to be nice  or grovelling to HTA, thats up to you, we just want you to help us spread the word about our blog and website. Entries will put you into our draw as follows;
  • One Free Entry will be given to anyone who places a comment on any of our previous blogs.
  • Three Entries into the draw for anyone who joins our Blog as a Follower as well as a comment.
If you would like to help me keep track of all the entries, drop me a quick email here, this way we will be sure to include your # of entries:   CLICK HERE TO EMAIL
Entries close on Monday 20th DEC (11:59pm EDST) ….and the winner will be randomly drawn and notified on 21st DEC 2010.

Good luck everyone, any questions you can call us or email.
We need to spread the word and we need your help !
Get blogging and posting now !!

Rob Grinter


  1. I was tossing up which GPS watch to go for and spoke to Bob at HTA and received great unbiased advice. I ordered the watch the next day and had received it in northern NSW the following day. I had a few issues with getting the watch to upload data to my PC and again Bob steered me in the right direction to get everything running smoothly.
    Since then I’ve bought a Garmin FR60 for my wife and she finds the watch surprisingly accurate even over varied terrain.
    I have no hesitation recommending HTA for great service and prices.

    Michael Schafer

  2. I love my Garmin 405CX – I wear it so much that the strap is permanently stained and you can smell it a mile off.

    Wouldnt change it for the world.

    Would however love a fee Garmin 410 😉

  3. It’s amazing to see the praise people give to Rob. His service is really outstanding and it shows in the comments. Not one negative comment on any forum for HTA.

    Both my Polar HRM and Garmin Edge are from HTA and running strong with no issues.

    Well done Rob, you’re a legend mate.

  4. I’m loving the Garmin 310XT I got from Rob back in January. I love my stats and it’s been fantastic to be able to track all aspects of my runs. Love to see where I’ve ran as well since I use it to explore my neighbourhood. I also get to share my runs online with the DailyMile community, a social network dedicated to runners, cyclists, triathletes, etc, so you can really get to share your experiences with other very like minded people.

    The Garmin 410 looks great – a good successor to the 405cx. A much cooler looking gadget than the 310xt which you actually really only need if you don’t like to use bezels and/or going to go swimming with your GPS.

  5. I absolutely love this site since finding it and have shared it numerous times with running and other exercise buddies.

    Not only HRM but discounts on products are my attraction… now only to grab myself a HRM (…looks to wife)

  6. The Garmin 410 looks like the watch I have been waiting for, form factor of the 405 plus with extra features and the bezel has now been improved too. Put me down for one!

  7. Awesome promotion Rob and crew. Will keep a watchful eye on the new stuff coming through too – and obviously come over and keep Chilli honest as often as I can too

  8. Can highly recommend Rob and HTA. My old 305 was on its last legs so I shopped around and found the best deal at HTA on a new 310XT. Rob was really helpful and my new 310 was in my hands within days. Still getting used to my new toy but so far its great.

  9. Don’t go anywhere without my Garmin 405. It basically never leaves my wrist.

    Would love a new 410.

    Love that the bezel has been upgraded, its sensitivity when it’s wet does really annoy me.

  10. Use my Garmin 305 for all my running but now my partner has taking up running too so we need another!!!! Love your good service and advice to the CR community.

    Just signed up to your blog. :)

  11. I’m still looking for a heart rate monitor, hence this post. A running visit is a plan, especially with the cachet of Chilliman’s experience.

  12. My Garmin 305 serves me excellently, It it a peace of mind when out running in unknown territory, recent trip overseas running in France England and Dublin were made very easy with my Garmin and the peace of mind to find my way back again made for very relaxed runs, Of course if I ever have a question about Garmin units there is only one place to go for all the answers and that’s to the Chilliman :-)I hope my link from trailsplus.org gets some traffic to HTA

  13. A huge thank you to Rob and Chilliman for their excellent service and tech support for my Garmin 310XT. Purchased it from HTA last December and have never looked back. It has been my companion on the roads and trails around the world. When it came to a question of battery life for a trail race of greater than 24h duration Rob and Chilliman set up an in-store trial and worked out that the use of the footpod would give me ample battery life for my needs! It is this exceptional after-sales service that really sets HTA apart from the rest. Thanks once again guys!

  14. I’ve only ever used the Polar HRM and currently have the RS200…but I wish it did so much more – for one it is very limited when it comes to setting up a variety of intervals for training! Have always dreamed about owning a Garmin…!!

  15. I plan to buy a 410. I wanted to buy a 405 but after reading so many complaints about its bezel, I almost bought a polar.

  16. Im really looking forward to some “real world” feedback on this watch. The minor improvements over the 405cx should really make it the benchmark for GPS running tools. Would love to get my hands on one!

  17. I have had a 405 for quite some time now, it’s been very reliable and even the much-maligned bezel has given me little trouble, thanks in no small part to the research and tips provided by chilliman on all matters Garmin/GPS! HTA would have to be the place to go for what must be an imminent upgrade or additional product :), given the expertise and passion of both Rob and Peter.

  18. Great idea Rob, have posted a link to your website on your Facebook. I have the 405 but without a HRM, would love to get the new watch with the HRM

  19. Have to say guys, this is a pretty clever advertising scheme. It’s definitely roped in a few people I know, and I didn’t even know they were into running…

    Guess it’s all in of us hey? Woo!

  20. I’m keen for a GPS watch – currently I carry a handheld Garmin etrex in my backpack! I’ll keep my fingers crossed but save my pennies for a 410 in the meantime. Cheers, Paul.

  21. I’ve been using Garmin 305 since May this year and it’s fantastic. The only (small) disadvantage is its size, so I wouldn’t mind upgrading to smaller 410…especially for free;) Fuks

  22. I’ve got an old Polar HRM. The battery died probably almost a year ago and after trying to change the battery myself, discovered it actually needs to be sent to Polar to change. I’ve sat on it for months and months and have resorted to running with my iPhone instead which is really annoying!! I’ve done a little research into getting a GPS enabled HRM but I don’t know enough and don’t know anyone with one to ask advice. Might have to lash out in the new year as i’m training for my 1st marathon in Oct next year!! Only running about 10km at the moment so have a long way to go!

  23. I have purchased a Garmin 405 recently and found that they are a great watch. Actually I also have the 305 and overall I think that the functions provided by Garmin watches is fantastic, especially the history that they keep. I have several overseas marathons and it is great to look back at the pace and heart rate that those marathons were run at.

  24. I purchased a Garmin Edge 800 bundle from Rob at HTA – this is a GPS with haps, heart rate and cadence sensor for use in road cycling. After some issues with getting the heart rate monitor to read for me (apparently my heart is on the right side – or at least this is where the Garmin reads for me) I have to say I am extremely pleased with the unit and the service and after sales support I received from Rob at HTA. I am sure I will be a repeat customer.

  25. Wow, HTA is a wonderful concept! One stop with all the information and knowledge any on us could wish for available in a friendly and helpful manner.

    I know where I will be looking when the time comes to replace my old Polar.

  26. Wow!! The 410 looks incredible. Love my 405 but the 410 looks like it would be so much better for me…. and a free one – that would be amazing!!

  27. My husband is running the Gold Coast marathon for the first time next year. Currently he runs with the Garmin 405. An upgrade to the 410 would be perfect!

  28. I love love love my garmin 405 although I am sure I dont use half of the features. Cant thank Chilliman enough for all his help and advice in getting started with it NOW its time to upgrade to the 410

  29. Today the 410 Giveaway was drawn. The process is to round up all entries, put them in order as they came in. We then print the list out, so that there is no conjecture afterwards. The number of entries is put into http://www.random.org to generate a true random number. Thus the winner is declared from the printed list. Two people are involved so that no skulldugery occurs.

    ….And the winner of the Garmin 410 with heart rate is……


    scooter, can you please contact us on 03-9598-7888 as soon as possible, so that we can send out your 410.

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