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Rob Grinter


  1. Have been eagerly waiting the Ambit, and sure I will get it, BUT, do wish Suunto had pursued their pod strategy a little more to keep watch size down. Better (imo) if they improved their current GPS pod to include tracking and their fuse speed. Also, when I run, I run with the watch face on the inside of my wrist, it’s just easier for me to see/use, and I won’t be able to do that with the Ambit’s antenna placement. Having said that, sure I’ll get the Ambit anyway.

  2. Can you also comment on the utility of this watch for somebody who mainly runs on roads?

  3. Great details!!! The height of the black model is the same as the silver model? When will you release parts 2 and 3? Tks alot!

  4. Ambit arrived in store today. @Rafael Stubbs; Black is same size as the silver. Part 2 of review is underway as we speak.

  5. Part 2 is underway as we speak but you speak 4 days ago so where does it stay can’t wait
    Thanks for part 1

  6. hi, can you please also say that: is the ambit with HR the same size as the ambit without HR, thanks.. (especially the height ? 1,9cm..)

  7. Will there be a (diving) water resistance test?
    I know the manual says the ‘100m’ water resistance mark is suitable for watersports and snorkeling, but NOT (scuba) diving. However I’ve also read that official water resistance testing for dive watch costs alot of money and it’s more of a marketing / management decision. It is said that it’s not surprising that the better constructed watches such as the Casio G-Shocks, Casio Pathfinder and Suunto Core could easily be taken to diving depths of 30-40m, despite their lower ratings. So I’m really curious of what the Ambit could do.

  8. @Anonymous, Unfortunately, you are asking a question that you already know I cannot answer. Unless of course someone is willing to put up ‘a lot of money’ to conduct a dive test on it, of which Suunto wasn’t prepared to do or deemed unnecessary. However I fully understand your analogy but can simply only confirm that we have tested it in our water testing machine to a standard of 100m (recreation, not 100m Diving). It may well be suited to diving, but realistically, and similar to the other brand models you suggested, we will never really know.

  9. Hi Rob, first of all: Thanks for that great first part of the review! I am really looking forward to reading part 2. Hope you can manage to post it quite soon…. 😉 greetings from Germany

  10. AFAIK the Ambit is not a diving watch, and I think the buttons are less water resistant than other models, i.e. not supported to press buttons under water. So what 100m says is basically that it is ok to swim and snorkel with it. The Ambit does not have depth meter ayway so its probably best left in the boat.

  11. Part 2 has again been delayed, however it expect it will be ready in the next 24 to 48 hours. Reviewer is adamant that it must be a great review and with precision.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Hurry up and save me from myself. I’m slobbering and drooling like a big dog outside the butcher shop window!!!!

  14. However, we have found some alarming errors in these reviews and this is what is taking extra time. The review is very close, it is being proof read now.

    Please do not post on our Blog as Anonymous as comments good or bad will most likely be removed.

  15. I have the PART 2 REVIEW in my hands.

    It will be released tomorrow around midday Melbourne time (02:00 UTC)

    The errors I referred to were in other reviews that Anonymous was citing. We have read many reviews over the last few months and found a number of incorrect statements, hence our review has been checked thoroughly to be as accurate as possible. We hope you like it.

  16. Part 3? is it coming? Im on the edge of ordering a garmin from an other store…

    • Our reports are intricate and FREE to anyone, buyer or not, with a lot of time put in to them. Part 3 is proving to be a real shoot out between a whole bunch of watches. With Firmware updates changing the landscape weekly and several companies using these firmware updates to gain one-up-man-ship over each other, any report becomes out dated quickly. Hence it will take a bit longer whilst the Garmin Fenix and Suunto Ambit settle in to a stable long term firmware state.

      However, are you really saying that if we don’t come up with Part 3 and pronto, you will take your purchase elsewhere as a form of protest?

      Lets hope that the OTHER STORE provides you with the support and expertise you require.

  17. Hi Rob,
    Firstly thank you for your blog posts, your time and explanation are very much appreciated. I’d like to ask about the size of the Ambit. I’m a female keen walker who also snow skies and am aiming to do more outback skiing over the comings years. Consequently, I love the features of the GPS, sunrise/sundown, weather indicators etc but the size is concerning me. At 60kg I’m concerned the watch may be too big. Do you have any comments I should think about?

    • Hi Leisa, the Suunto Ambit is a very old watch now, so old that Suunto has since released the Ambit2, Ambit3, and now Spartan ranges. If size is your concern but you don’t wish to sacrifice features, check out the Garmin fenix 5S which was recently released.

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