Garmin fenix 2 Has Arrived In-store Today at 4:30pm!

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With all of the uncertainty surrounding when the Garmin Fenix 2 would be delivered, we are very excited to announce that we received an excellent surprise this afternoon when they arrived at our showroom.

All of our fully paid orders are already packed and at the post office for express delivery tomorrow (orders received before 25th March) . We would like to thank our very patient customers who will be receiving their Fenix 2 very very soon.

John and Brett are the first 2 customers with their Garmin Fenix 2  in their hands – collected in store at 5:30pm today.

We hope all of our customers enjoy their new gadget! For those who haven’t ordered, check them out on our website HERE.

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Rob Grinter


  1. What a great phone call to receive this afternoon.. Just went out for the first run with the Fenix2 and it was definitely worth the wait.. A dramatic improvement on my previous watch (Fore Runner 410), now I just need to work out all the features that the watch has!! Thanks HTA, great service!!

  2. Yes please, watch just got delivered in Perth, Thanks guys. Great service.
    its charging ready for its first outing.

  3. Got home to a lovely surprise yesterday. Went for last night .. Awesome!!

  4. I have some very jealous friends. Thank you for your continued amazing customer service. Fenix2 in hand Wednesday afternoon!

  5. HTA! Once again under promised over delivered!
    Why I only buy from you. Ran on Wednesday night told by others they won’t have theirs until next week? ( they will be buying through you guys next time) :) :) :)

  6. Was lucky enough to receive my Fenix 2 Thursday morning. Stoked!!

  7. Keep up the great work guys. I’m the first in my running group with a fenix2!!!

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