GoPro HERO 4 Is In Stock!

The new GoPro HERO 4 range is the most advanced GoPro yet and we have them available for order HERE with the first orders being shipped on October 6th. Life is either an incredible adventure, or it is nothing at all. The brand new GoPro HERO 4 cameras are your means of capturing this adventure, every step of the way. 

Boasting the highest resolution and frame rates of any action camera on the market, the HERO4 Black is GoPro’s new flagship model. Have you recently bought or are thinking about buying a new 4K Ultra High Definition television? The GoPro HERO4 Black 4K30 video will populate all 8.3 million available pixels at an amazing 30 frames per second! If you desire extreme slo-mo for that fast-action moment, the GoPro HERO4 Black has you covered with a lightning quick 120 frames per second in 1080p resolution.

The GoPro HERO 4 Silver offers pro-quality capture (1080p60 and 720p120) and the convenience of a built-in LCD touch display, without the additional bulk (and expense!) of the traditional LCD Touch BacPac accessory. The built-in LCD touch display allows the user to quickly switch between modes, frame shots, and play back content; all at the swipe or tap of a finger.


Not only has GoPro upped the ante in the performance and convenience departments, they have added a host of new features for both the HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver models including Night Photo and Night Lapse for ultra low-light situations, built-in Bluetooth to complement the existing built-in Wi-Fi, HiLight Tag to mark key events whilst recording, QuikCapture one button power on/record so that you’ll never miss the moment again, and Protune photo (in addition to video) to flex your creative muscles.

Rounding out the new GoPro range is the entry-level HERO model. Capable of 1080p30 video and 5MP stills, the GoPro HERO certainly provides bang for your buck. Just like the HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver models, the GoPro HERO comes with a waterproof case (40 metres / 131 feet); the difference being that the GoPro HERO camera is fixed to the case. This limits the chances of damaging (or losing) the camera. Aimed at a younger audience, the GoPro HERO is sure to feature under a few Christmas trees this summer.

Whether you’re surfing Bells Beach, carving up Thredbo, snorkelling The Great Barrier Reef, or watching your child ride a bicycle for the first time, GoPro’s new HERO4 range will be there to capture every moment.

Order a GoPro HERO 4 camera HERE to be one of the first in Australia town one of these amazing cameras! First orders being shipped on October 6th but stock is limited so be quick!


Matthew Bishop


  1. The GoPro press states that the camera can do double the frame rates of the Hero 3+ Black yet your description of the 4 Black states that it can only do 720p @ 120 (which is the same as the Hero 3+ Black) ? If their press is to be believed then I would be expecting the camera to be able to do 720p @ 240. Can you please clarify who’s spec sheet is correct, theirs or yours please.

    • Hi Shane, the HERO4 Black supports 4K30, 2.7K50, and 1080p120; double the HERO3+ Black’s 4K15, 2.7K25, and 1080p60. It isn’t double the frame rate across all resolutions.

  2. Hi Mate
    Just checking if you have any of these in stock? the Go Pro hero 4 silver is the model i am after.


  3. Hi Guys,
    Are the GoPro Hero 4 Silvers still in stock? Looking to order one online from you now.

    • Hi Chris, we’ve now sold out of the first batch of HERO4 Silver cameras. We are expecting more stock this Monday (13th October) however we are receiving lots of orders and stock will be limited. If you don’t want to miss out on the next batch of stock, please place an order on our website or phone the showroom on (03) 9598 7888 to make a credit card payment.

  4. Hi mate
    If I order Gopro 4 Black Edition today, when will I get it? and can I pick it up at the store?

    • Hi David, if you order today you will go into the queue for the 2nd batch of stock, due to arrive approximately 20th October. With how popular the new GoPro range has been so far, it’s advisable to get a pre-order in sooner rather than later.

      We do offer local pickup on certain payment methods. If choosing to pay via PayPal, please select “local pickup” and ensure that you have a photo ID which bears the same name and address as shown on your PayPal account.

  5. I was just wondering if you are still getting them in on the 20th Oct?. Have they all be allocated? Gopro site says available 31/10/14 – Also they are the same price in AUD, so not really $40 off?

    • Hi Adam, which GoPro model are you referring to? The RRP listed is the true RRP for Australia, so all savings are accurate.

  6. The 2nd batch of HERO4 Black has now completely sold out and all orders have been shipped. We expect to receive the next batch on Friday 14th November however stock will be limited so get in quick to secure your own HERO4 Black.

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