Suunto Ambit Review Part 2

Part 2 – Practical Usage and User Experience
by Peter (chilli) Mullins – Technical Manager – Highly Tuned Athletes.

The aim of this series of reviews by Highly Tuned Athletes is to provide accurate, unbiased
first hand information to our customers, based on real world user experience of the Suunto
Ambit. We will be releasing 3 parts to the Ambit review.

Part 1 : Initial Overview of the Suunto Ambit, Part 1 available here.
Part 2 : Practical usage and user experience.
Part 3 : Real world comparisons.

Monday the 19th of March saw the highly anticipated Suunto Ambit arrive on our doorstep
in both the Silver and Black builds. Until this date we had been testing with a pre-release
build which formed the basis of our review Part 1. Since then we have been using and
testing with final product, identical to what is commercially available around the world. Part
2 of our Ambit review focuses on day to day user experience, with all the proʼs and conʼs,
exactly as we discovered them.



Rob Grinter


  1. It doesnt show part 2 on facebook it doesnt work i have a black screen even when i liked you. Please just put it on your website so we can read it thanks dennis

  2. Fantastic write-up. Thanks for the attention to detail and completeness.
    I especially appreciated seeing your assessment of Fusedspeed.

  3. Thank you Peter for the fantastic Part 2. This is the most comprehensive review on the net.
    I enjoyed every word of it. Absolutely dying for Part 3. I hope you are working on it.

  4. When I download the second part of the review I get an error message from Adobe saying that the file is damaged and cannot be repaired and thus I am unable to open the review.

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