NEWS: Garmin Forerunner 410 – replaces 405cx


Yesterday Garmin officially announced the new Forerunner 410. This is a replacement for the 405 and 405cx with improved touch bezel. See specifications below.
RRP $449

Pre Orders for this product are now available at: http://tinyurl.com/HTA-FR410
$50 Deposit will secure one immediately upon release in Last week November/1st week December.
Garmins announcement
Garmin Australasia is pleased to announce the new Forerunner 410 GPS-enabled sport watch.
 This advanced sport watch is GPSenabled
and accurately records your time, pace, distance, heart rate, elevation and more. It sports an enhanced touch bezel that lets you quickly scroll and select features on the run, in all types of weather. For extra training benefits, create detailed workouts or race the Virtual Partner.
Also includes a premium soft strap heart rate monitor with heart-rate based calorie computation for more accurate calorie data. If you’re ready to take your training to the next level, Forerunner 410 can get you there!

Enhancements from the popular Forerunner 405CX
• Powerdown feature

• Enhanced touch bezel operation that will work in moist/damp conditions
• Includes soft strap Heart Rate Monitor

Product Features and Specifications
• High-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix®

• Firstbeat™ advanced heart rate-based calorie computation

• Zone training: heart rate zone training, supports five heart rate zones
• Training and motivational features: Virtual Partner®, courses, workouts, goals

• Enhanced touch bezel interface
• Garmin Connect™: log workouts, set goals and share workouts in our online fitness community at www.GarminConnect.com

• Watch features: time of day (12/24h), dual time zone, day/date, daily alarm
• GPS features: mark locations, back to start, save location
• ANT+TM wireless technology: automatically transfer information back and forth between the watch and the computer

• Unit-to-unit transfer: send workouts and locations to other Forerunner 410 and Forerunner 405’s
• Fits most wrists comfortably with either the original strap or the included fabric wrist straps
• Can be used for running and cycling
• Compatible with GSC 10™ speed/cadence bike sensor: monitor pedaling cadence and wheel speed
• Compatible with foot pod: measure speed, distance and runner’s cadence indoors and outdoors
• Battery life: up to eight hours (training) or two weeks (power save mode)
• Compatible with external battery pack with solar charger to charge Forerunner 410 for multi-day activities
• Water resistant to IPX7
• Weight: 60g
• Display: round four-level gray FSTN, 124 x 95 pixels
• Size (mm): 45.75mm x 70.5mm x 16.4mm
• Distance accuracy: 99% with clear view of sky

• Temp range: -4oF to 140oF (-20oC to 60oC)
• Forerunner 410 features wireless uploads to Garmin Connect™, where you can analyse, store and share your data.


Rob Grinter


  1. Hi Rob,
    just a few questions – the 310XT I got from you 1 year ago has been great, especially good for running in the bush:

    How does this battery life compare to the 310XT?
    How ‘enhanced’ is the touch bezel interface?
    How does the weight compare to the 310XT?

  2. Alexander,

    Battery life of 410 will be same as 405cx at 8 hours, however the new 410 has a auto power save feature and complete power off feature.

    The enhanced bezel is best described as being improved in wet conditions. Until we can put it through some tests, we are unable to add any details.

    Weight of 310xt is 72grams, 410 is 60 grams

  3. G’day Rob,

    I have just recently taken up running again after reading Born to Run. Yeah I know one of those guys but I’m really hooked again and enjoying it. I’m good with just running at the moment though looking to expand into tri’s or multi-sport events in the future.

    This watch sounds and looks the goods, but do you know if anyone has had a swim with one on yet? Would like to know i possible to use in the pool or open water.

  4. With the Aussie dollar doing so well I was really tempted to try to buy one of these online. However, I was pleasently supprised that the price at highlytunedathletes.com.au was virtually the same as overseas sites (when you include postage etc). I will definately buy through this site for the peice of mind of buying through a local dealer who can offer support and advice after the purchase.

    Good work HTA for keeping the prices so competitive!

  5. Has Garmin finally come out with R-R heart rate recording?

  6. Exciting news and just in time for Christmas! Well done on the reasonable pricing too. Three cheers for HTA.

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