CONTEST: November Giveaway; Win one of 3 Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitors

We are giving away 3 brand new Suunto M2 heart rate monitors (inc heart rate strap) valued at $149 each. These will be posted to the winners on the 16th Nov.

What do you have to do to win ??

Help us get our new blog site kicking along and to do this we need your help. Just write a quick comment about either your current sport or any experience you may have had with Highly Tuned Athletes. If you help us, we will put you into our draw as follows;

  • One Free Entry will be given to anyone who places a comment on any of our previous blogs.
  • Two Entries into the draw for anyone who joins our Blog as a follower as well as a comment.
  • Three Entries for those who comment, join our Blog and also shares it on their facebook.

If you would like to help me keep track of all the entries, drop me a quick email here, this way we will be sure to include your # of entries:   CLICK HERE TO EMAIL

Suunto M2 Womens Fuchsia
Suunto M2 Unisex Black
Entries close on Monday 15th Nov (11:59pm EDST)

….and the winners will be randomly drawn and notified on 16th Nov 2010.

The winners will get to choose their preferred colour of Suunto M2.

Good luck everyone, any questions you can call us or email.
We need to spread the word and we need your help !
Get blogging and posting now !!



Rob Grinter


  1. I got into road riding through meeting awesome people in my spin class and as a result of my son being involved in road racing (J15-17). Through word of mouth we discovered the “Highly Tuned Athlete” and my son used his savings to purchase a garmin Edge 705. This made so much difference to his riding, he could train long distances with the security of knowing where he was without concern of getting lost. Thanks Rob for being so customer friendly, supportive and price competitive.

  2. I am a passionate cyclist as well as an avid boxer and card junkie. I could never do any of these without a heart rate monitor and my trusty Polar bought from Highly Tuned Athletes I’m always on top of my game.

    To anyone thinking of buying any monitor or gps, there is only one place and you’re on their blog right now.

    Thanks Rob, you’re a legend.

  3. …. The chances of winning this competition are very good so far, so get your entries in to have a chance of winning one of these great new modern Suunto M2’s worth $149.

  4. This is awesome. All too happy to help raise the profile of a great business. Was a pleasure & will look you up for my future fitness needs.

  5. Awesome site and love the availability and easiness of their products. I 2nd the comment above, all too happy to help them spread their message around

  6. HTA, have shown that they support their products that they sell & also give solid advice.

  7. I purchased my Garmin from HTA in April. I chose them because of great feedback I had seen on coolrunning and because of the good price. I ordered on Thursday night and it was delivered to me on Tuesday morning. Great service and I would recommend them to anyone (and I do!)

  8. I have been into running since I was very little. Up until my mid-20s, most of my running was either training for or competing in track events (100m up to 400m hurdles). Since then, I mainly run to stay fit. I had been running with a stopwatch up until August 2009 when I switched to using Nike+ with my iPod Touch. This worked quite well but Apple badly messed up with iOS4 and also didn’t support a HRM.

    In August 2010, I was in the market for a GPS/HRM watch and settled on the Garmin 310XT. I had heard good things about HTA and they did me a very good deal on the 310XT with footpod and bike speed/cadence sensor.

    I just wish the 310XT was as reliable as HTA.

  9. These watches look great – they look very simple to use and are attractive too!

    I’m a runner who is yet to have much experience with heart-rate monitors – I know where I will purchase one from when the time comes!

  10. I have just decided not to purchase a gps watch for running. For me at this time probably a good idea since if knocked or dropped the gps function could be disabled. So I am now looking for a dedicated heart rate monitor only. Thanks for your hands on participation Rob Grinter.

  11. Hi All,

    I bought a 405CX from HTA online & it was delivered in 2 days. Great price & now that I understand watch a bit more it is awesome!! Even if I have been asking Chilliman a lot of obviuos questions that now make sense! Plus Rob answering a question regarding 405CX after hours via email was good service. Cheers Darren

  12. What an awesome find on the web via another Australian running site. Only a new runner really in the context of things starting 18months ago at 31 am really loving getting more and more into it, at this stage am now getting ready to look at my first HM after doing a couple of 10K fun runs and the Sydney Bridge Run…. apart from diet a HRM is something I have been considering…

  13. Have been a semi serious runner for many years, and then decided to step it up with a GPS watch purchase. After much research chose the 405cx and then decided to purchase from HTA. Rob offers a lot of advice through CR, and HTA were the cheapest I could find in Australia. Despite cheaper prices overseas, I felt buying locally with the strong support and Rob’s obvious knowledge, it was worth buying in Aust. Have been so happy with the watch and it has definitely taken the training to a new level. Cheers HTA.

  14. I’m planning on getting a HRM or a GPS+HRM device for interval sessions guided by heart rate, rather than minutes and seconds. This looks like the place to find one!

  15. …. AND the winners are:

    – Darren Mooney
    – Chris (kocxy1234 on CR)
    – Amanda Attard

    Congratulations on winning a Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitor and thank you to all the blogs and comments.

    Please send me your preference of Suunto M2 Black Male or the Fuchsia Female.

    email: customerservice@highlytunedathletes.com.au

    (Amanda and Darren, we have your details in our system, Chris, could you please provide in the email your address details.)

    NEXT COMPETITION starts today.

    Win a Garmin Forerunner 410.
    Check it out on our blog

  16. Wow, great service again – even with a free product. I received my new Suunto this morning. I’ll be using this one for rpm classes at the gym. Thanks again Rob!

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