Led Lenser F1R Review – 1000 lm torch

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Led Lenser – Highly Tuned Athletes F1R Review – Peter Mullins

Our review of the Led Lenser torch the F1R, 1000 lumen rechargeableF1R Pro shot.

The F1R (ZL-8701-R) is a seriously powerful hand held torch, the little pocket rocket ships with the lithium-ion 18650 battery, usually reserved for the larger 7″ series of Led Lenser torches such as the M7R and M7RX units. The F1R weighs in at 120 grams, which is still comfortable in the hand after many hours in the dark. Only 115mm in length and with a 30mm head diameter, precision built from HA III anodised mil. spec. aluminium. The backend tail stand is useful along with the roll protector, and the F1R is water resistant to IPX-8 standard.

46gm battery73gm No batt.120gms




18650 Lithium Ion battery and cradle

The F1R ships with a separate USB charging cradle for the battery, and extra spare batteries are also available  to order from the Highly Tuned Athletes web site.  Another handy feature of the F1R is that it will take 2 x CR123  batteries back to back, so no excuse to be caught out without a  power source on an epic adventure.


In the box, the F1R comes with 2 changeable bezels, a black stealth look glass breaker in addition to the standard stainless steel version. There is a lanyard and also a handy attachable belt clip, that can be clipped to anything.

BezelsButton 2


Beam Spread

Beam Spread – High Power Mode

Although the F1R has a non adjustable fixed focus beam, there are 3 light power modes which also affect beam spread.What I like about the F1R is the beam spread pattern, spending many hours on the trail at night, I do not like a high contrast beam where you have a pure white circle and everything around is pitch black, the F1R is not like this, the optics are excellent.

Button Modes

Changing Power Modes

The central beam provides for long distance spotting, tapering to a nice even perimeter flood, perfect for peripheral vision for picking up side trails or features at night.

Power level is easily selectable, by a slight press to the rear  on/off button. The default power on brightness level and  sequence can also be set.

The following chart from Led Lenser shows the run times for each power mode for the F1R.

Run Specs

On test, at 20 degrees Celcius, I was able to obtain 32hrs of continuous run time on Low Power Mode, 5 hrs run time on Medium Power mode, and 3 hours on High Power Mode, however be aware in High Power Mode the lamp will drop brightness level down after approx 2-3 mins due to the built in temperature sensor regulator.

Below are some real life images of the F1R in action, the F1R is even better in the flesh than the photos !

Trig Lo

Trig Point – F1R Low Power.

Trig Med

Trig Point F1R – Medium Power

Trig Hi

Trig Point F1R – High Power

In practice the High Power Mode is very bright, bright to the point of almost being too bright ! I found when using the F1R it is best to stay in Medium Power mode, then switch to High Power for spotting, or Low Power to conserve battery when needed. I was quite impressed by the 5 hrs of continuous run time in Medium Power mode, more than enough for most day to day use.

Low power mode is designed to maximise battery run time, but also still be usable as a torch. On test I could navigate on trails, read maps and find my way around in the bush without a worry. The 32hrs of continuous run time in this mode certainly gives confidence if you are out in the middle of nowhere for a couple of nights. The light levels in the attached photos do not give justice to the Low Power mode of the F1R.

A word of warning, you cannot run the F1R for 3hrs on High Power, then expect to limp home on Low Power. As a regulated lamp, once the battery is depleted, you will see a warning flash, and then about a minute later that will be it – blackness ! It is all about balance, use the F1R on Low Power as default, then switch up and back down as the situation is warranted if you are intending to be out all night.

The F1R battery, the 18650, takes around 3-4hrs to recharge off a 1000mA USB charger, and as mentioned  for mission critical applications take a charged spare battery along, or at least 2 x CR123’s and you can’t go wrong.

Bush Lo

F1R – Bush Low Power

Bush Med

F1R – Bush Medium Power

Bush Hi

F1R – Bush High Power


Lamp Lo

F1R – Grass Trail Low Power

Lamp Med

F1R – Grass Trail Medium

Lamp Hi

F1R – Grass Trail High Power – Note – trees in the distance 100mtrs away.

The Led Lenser F1R is superbly built, the german engineering certainly setting this hand held torch above many of the cheaper competitors. If you need a high power hand held with excellent optics that will last the distance, then this is the torch for you. The F1R comes with a 5 Year Led Lenser Australian Warranty, and is available online to order now from the Highly Tuned Athletes web site, (with free express post shipping), give us a call on 03 9598 7888, or drop into our Bayside Hampton (Vic) showroom and check it out for yourself.


F1R – 1000 Lumen Pocket Rocket !



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