New Swim Metrics Added to Polar V800

The outstanding Polar V8oo multisport watch has added some welcome new features with the 1.2 release.

Swimming metrics are now available with the new Pool swimming profile, which you can add to your sports list in Flow.

With the new swimming metrics you can:

  • Detect your swimming style
  • Count your stroke rate and measure the pace and distance of your swim
  • Identify rest times
  • Analyse each pool length and phase of your swim session in Polar Flow web service
  • Analyse your SWOLF score that helps you improve your swimming technique and follow your progress

Polar have also made upgrades to Daily Activity, which you can track your:

  • Daily activity goal and guidance to Polar V800 and Polar Flow
  • Activity summary and get inactivity alerts to Polar V800

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Polar V800 Blue


Rob Grinter

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